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Post  Jonads on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:06 am

Friday I went to a concert with my friend Christian Mason. I knew nothing of Casey Shea or Speak at the time, and had only heard one Tally Hall song. As the concert went on each act grew onto me. Each act had a unique aspect about them, whether it was their humour, their creativity, their energy, or their quirkiness, they had a quality that captivated the audience.

Casey Shea: Casey really got things off to a great start, he came out armed with an acoustic guitar, and went to work. between songs and even during them, he made jokes and got the audience pumped. Casey really reminded me of a Bob Dylan except for the anti war messages in his songs. All in all he was a great opening act.

Speak: Speak came onto the stage, looking like four teenagers at a high school battle of the bands, but really got the crowd going. Speak is from Austin Texas so they were welcomed into Dallas like a brother. Speak had tons of energy, and skill to match it. Unlike Casey Shea Speak was straight faced, and just played their music. After the show I met the members and they were extremely nice. I first saw Trouppe (singer/synths) and asked for him to sign their latest EP, he did, but as soon as I was leaving he told me to wait, and while I did, he texted the other band members asking them to come out and meet me. After meeting all of the members and getting their EP signed, Trouppe gave me a free Speak poster. All in all Speak was my favorite band and were great.

Tally Hall: Tally Hall, did exactly what the audience wanted, and that was play. Tally Hall played and played and played some more. They joked around and put on a great show. After the show Christian and I talked to each member and they were very nice, they signed autographs, and took pictures, as well as throwing in a joke here and there.

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Post  Jürgen on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:17 am

I'll have to check out Speak

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